Income Accounts Description


The Lord's portion

Covenant Offering

Used for location church expenses and world mission

Church Building

Used for church building expenses


Official fund-raising programme of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This fund is used exclusively for welfare ministry.

Sabbath School Offering

For Sabbath School expenses


Give to Adventist Development and Relief Agency

WHEEL (Welfare, Health, Education, Evangelism, Local Church)

The welfare program of the conference

Other (Please add note to specify donation type.)

Any other donation type not listed.

Alta Vista Children's Home

First Adventist owned and operated Children's Home in Jamaica


Give to support Adventist Christian Education through our schools (Willowdene Group of Schools, NCU, Campbell’s Castle Preparatory etc).

Family Indemnity Plan (FIP)

FIP offered by Cuna Caribbean Insurance Jamaica. To be used by enrolled members only.

COVID-19 Relief Offering

This will provide funding for the Ministry of Care and Compassion to help the less fortunate negate the effects of Covid-19 Pandemic.